Television – Marquee Moon (1977)

Format:  Vinyl Rip 24-96 FLAC | Size: 976Mb 

It hardly matters that nothing Television did after 1977 ever came close to the sparkling proto-new wave pop perfection of Marquee Moon. Bandmates Richard Hell and Tom Verlaine were always two egos too large to play together for long. Hell went on to form The Voidoids (who released the still anthemic Blank Generation), while Verlaine has produced and played on some superb LPs ranging from Patti Smith’s immense debut, Horses to Smashing Pumpkins’ James Iha’s sophomore effort.

What these two left us with is the sound of New York’s Punk scene determined to show off it’s musicianship and intellect. While the Ramones were brash, big and bold, Television were the intelligentsia of the Downtown scene, riding with full punk mischief in the footsteps of The Velvet Underground: Verlaine, ever the accomplished, pop-sensible musician, Hell the noisy miscreant with an urge for chaos.

The album begins in the garage crunch of guitar on the left channel, quickly accentuated with the higher pitched repetitive drone of the lead riff. When Verlaine’s bratty cool punk vocals kick in, See No Evil is alive. The second track, Venus is more attitude dressed in a sort of frayed and worn, slacked-down version of Indie Pop that wasn’t even invented until the 80s.

The epic title track is a perfect distillation of the band and the album. Tightly checked musical interplay, pretty pop riffs and Verlaine sneering and waxing poetic like a bored rich kid playing in a punk band in the slums.

Marquee Moon is very much a product of its time – with the astounding immediacy of new music. The intelligent tunes of Talking Heads and U2, and the production and musical values of the entire Post Punk and Indie pop 80s are almost directly due to Television and to this, their one accomplished album. Even in the 2010s, bands have confessed to being influenced by Marquee Moon; and I believe you could put it on a turntable at a party full of hipsters and they’d call it the best release of the year.

Verdict: APPROVED | Remaining  118,024mb

There’s a very good reason I chose this LP to open my new blog. I would never go anywhere for an extended period of time where I didn’t have access to this amazing artifact of the incredible 1970s Downtown scene.